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Today I Started a “Kundalini Kriya” a Cleansing Practice

Life is full of coincidences and magical moments. Sometimes they are right before your eyes like when the town Corning, NYC comes into conversation twice within a few hours and that location has never been discussed before. One from the inside of a book that I began to read and the other in regards to an upcoming event.

So, what’s happening?

Anything repeat twice in a day for you?
Are there signs from a relationship, in a number, or resistance
of a situation where a pattern repeats itself?

Clever how our mind can make up stories and then bam, a curve ball is thrown in your direction. How do you react when someone is critical of something in you? Was it an unexpected, confrontational conversation?

Do you reply with a knee jerk revenge or take time to consider the other persons point of view? It might not be your truth yet the teaching moment has a purpose. Where there is love, there is fear, where there is emotion, a message via phone, text, or in your voice still might not come out clear.

I have a pattern with family and friends where I try to express myself and my emotions run fast. I might not say what I mean to say and then the underlying message gets all messed up.

Years ago, I took a yoga module training on communication and soon I will be taking a module in authentic relationships. I’m so looking forward to understanding more about myself and the role I play in the shadows as an active contributor to everyone in my life especially those that are family or whom I consider as close as family to me.

I believe that in every miscommunication, there’s room for conversation, understanding and forgiveness. Breakthroughs can strength a relationship and let it grow.

Setbacks takes time and it might not ever truly come to surface again.


Today I started a kriya (a cleansing practice) to clear past relationships and move on.

Want to try it?

Begin to visualize the teacher within you as your guide.

You can also try the mantra that links you up to that teacher within and all the teachers that have come before you and who continue to teach you in this life time.

Say “Ong Namo, Guru Dev, Namo” aloud up to 3 times

Close your eyes and focus on your breath as it comes in and out of your nostrils. Notice the air as it streams out at the tip of the nose with an eye gaze in that direction. (Kind of weird however it serves as a way to focus your attention on something other than your to-do list.) Save that to-do list or unfinished business for after your meditation.

Touch your thumbs and finger tips together and leave space between the palms. Have all of the fingers pointing up. Hold this mudra (hand position) in front of your heart center.

Breathe in for five, hold the breath for five and exhale for five.

Continue for 2-3 minutes and up to 11 minutes (no more).

End with 1-3 long Sat Nam’s (I am truth, that I am).

Be true, Be you, Be love

Xo Marla Sacks