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Marla Sacks - Yoga for everyone Bergen County

Yoga for ALL

Incorporates many different styles of traditional yoga. This combination of Hatha (physical) Vinyasa, (postures that flow) Meditation (one pointed focus) and Kundalini (awaken dormant energy) approach to fitness brings strength to your body with a self-nurture heartfelt practice that works from inside of you. It promotes peaceful balance, freedom and flexibility to every integral component in your life.

Marla Sacks - Kundalini Yoga Bergen County

Kundalini Yoga

Ignites core power with postures, mudras (hand movements) kriyas (cleansing practices) meditation, mantra and breathwork. This scientifically-proven, spiritually purifying technology boosts your immune system and removes toxins. As you experience yourself fully through this pure system, the chakras (energetic healing centers) offer deep awareness to illuminate your body with subtle radiance.

Marla Sacks - Gentle Yoga Bergen County

Gentle Yoga

integrates the universal sound vibrations of nature and mantra. It's perfect if you're looking for therapeutic healing/recovery in your personal relationships, from any illness, injury, or surgery. (Please check with your doctor first).  A complement to your overall spirit, emotional health, and well-being.  Meditation and restorative postures relax and  supports your body through breathing practices, while stretching our body and mind to intuitively heal act as an automatic response to slow down and feel calm.

Marla Sacks - Karma Yoga Bergen County

Karma Yoga

Recognize the light of another person as the mirror image of you. Heal the world and serve a person or community in need. The non-profit organization Kula for Karma brings therapeutic yoga and mindfulness programs to people whom otherwise, would not have access to these modalities or complimentary holistic interventions.

Marla Sacks - Kids Yoga Bergen County

Yoga Workshop Programs for Kids/Teens

When children discover the magic of mindfulness Awhile sitting on a seat cushion, yoga mat or chair, they acquire a new skillset that will last a life time. To be resilient takes courage. Yoga and meditation builds endurance, self-esteem and acts as a counterbalance to any other creative or physical activity. Students learn about peace and how to shape their body and mind with discipline and love.

Available for any age children in or after school/ library programs, Girl Scout troops.

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