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Regulate your emotions Workshop

Meditate, reacalibrate, and surrender to the unknown, as the world shifts during these challenging times:

In an instant: a news flash, weather forecast, reroute of plans, internal dialogue or external conversation can shape your mood. All it takes is one degree of seperation to disrupt any aspect of peace in your mind.

When turbulence or minor changes arise, there's a few things that I do to help avoid a spiral of frustration or imbalance in my emotions.

Does this concept of how to handle the mood shifts of your emotions ring as a relevant concept to you?


Stop to notice the rich texture in every landscape (even if its hidden) that surrounds you.

  • Breathe in the clean air fresh scent and or make a brew of your favorite detox tea and drink it for purification.

  • You don't have to travel far to discover a place of gratitude that lives within your heart.

  • Embrace the taste of ayurvedic healing seasonings such as a masala, ginger and cinnamon.

  • Erase your frown lines with mantra and joyful meditations.

  • Expand your wisdom to bring out the teacher who lives inside of you: begin with a conscious long and deep, 3-part breath.

  • Want to shine more light upon you during the days of darkness? Scroll below:

Join my 2-hour LIVE, Navigate your emotions Workshop on Friday, JUNE 26th from 1:00pm-3:00pm ET.

Get ready to use the electric resource of your breath in active energy meditaitons as insightful tools of knowledge. This hands-on workshop acts as a resource to inspire, regulate and transform negative thoughts due to weather shifts or any other tension.

Find inner peace. Showcase yourself with inner illumination from the inside out.

If you miss the LIVE workshop, I'll send you the downloadable replay.

It's going to be a peace keeper for sure.

Limited space. To register, click below: