Does this tide of quarantine behoove you?

What have you learned thus far during this tide of quarantine?

It seems to me that we’re all here collectively for a greater purpose, to ignite heartfelt presence and compassion for the entire world.

In recent weeks, I have found myself so sensitive that I can feel people’s energies long distance more regularly and with heightened awareness. I value everyone’s presence as a contribution to my own life. We need to build bridges and join to both heal and mourn loved ones together.

Over the past decade, I have taught classes, workshops and assisted in meditation, mindset, and yoga teacher trainings. It feels powerful and uniquely the same when I share meditations from my heart and soul with a group of people or just one person.

It fills me with love and happiness when I offer what has helped me uncover my soul, that which behooves me to regulate and uplift my spirit on a daily basis. I understand today more than ever, that not everyone is interested in the content that deeply touches my spiritual essence.

My role in life is to repel what does not serve my higher good. To be an example for my children, family and anyone I know, and have not yet met. As a conductor of my auric realm, and the electromagnetic field that surrounds me, I trust that my mirror image matches another being. The triggers we notice and dislike in someone else, are often the same things in ourselves we overlook. We are never alone.

Being here serves high when you support others by showing unconditional love for the human spirit. It creates a universal where peace abides.

 If you choose to rub away layers of grime to expose your mess, unveil a nakedness worth cleaning up, leads to abundance, no matter the circumstance.. 

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