New Year Bliss and Blues

Have you ever set a goal and in the end, not followed through on it? Do you want to complete the unfinished business that most people partake in this time of…

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Slow down your thoughts and relax

Yogi Silhouette Graphic with Flower

Peaceful tips and conscious gift ideas for the holiday season. Shine your light out from a place of contentment. How do you find that state of mind?  Let your creative juices flow…

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Little girl and self-esteem

What happened to that happy little girl?? A teenager struck by low self-esteem. I thought my friends’ opinions, certain relationships, and the latest Jordache Jeans were direct ways to make…

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Seasons change and so do you

Wow, the birds and crickets have been chirping the most magical notes this week, a sound I’ll miss once the seasons change.As I begin to reminisce about the vivid sites and places…

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Monday Eve Yoga & Meditation Class

Marla Sacks Yoga - Namaste

Twilight Yoga Class Monday’s: 5:45pm – 7:00pm Franklin Lakes, NJ.   A monthly mindfulness-based, yoga and meditation class. Mark your calendar for the next, balance your energy, yoga flow class series:…

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