Marla Sacks - Watermelon Story


Yoga and Meditation Instructor

It was hot. I was standing in a field of watermelons, wearing khaki shorts, a long-sleeve button-down and brimmed hat. Sweat oozed, trickling off my sticky skin. I was lifting watermelons, picking them off the vine, one after the other, over and over again while fighting an internal battle with my inner voice.


I felt out of sorts and quite uncomfortable, especially being that I’m highly sensitive to the sun. The intense heat had me longing for shade and I was incredibly thirsty too.

Where can I take refuge from these unbearable, unrelenting rays?  I stumbled upon the flesh of splat open watermelons that left me salivating for the pink juice. my body. 

I grew keenly aware of the tasks that needed to be completed by my own two hands.

This was the summer after my college semester abroad in Europe. My allergies were in an uproar as tractors stirred-up dust. I felt depleted, yet one by one, I worked hard and independently with each lift of the dirty watermelons. It was my duty. I grew keenly aware of the tasks that needed to be completed by my own two hands. I had a job to finish as a member of the Kibbutz community, with volunteers from across the globe, in Israel.

For me the courage of laboring under the sun, diving into nature and working together with people helped to lift my spirits. I continued to place each watermelon at the end of the row, forming piles, later lifting them up to flatbed trucks.

When in Greece, I felt Greek. In Ireland, Irish, In Italy, Italian.  

Whether on a train or at a local cafe, the people of each country included me as if I were a neighbor, a friend, one of their own nationality and race. These moments from my young adult life lead me to savor the process of bringing people together. I recognize that there is beauty in life and in every being, every step of the way no matter the challenge. Now, climing mountains with my own family, seeking light in all of the magnificence, calamities, and differences of the day. As we experience yoga as alifestyle, our breath invites us to explore the vibrant energies that live inside of our hearts and unites us together in a joint purpose.

Marla Sacks Yoga - Machupichu

We’re all seeking clarity and joy through our actions and intentions.

Breaking down the barriers of interpersonal relationships as a way to notice the “Sameness” in all of us. When someone’s on a mat in my class, it doesn’t matter where they’re from. They’re human. Moving through the postures, doing the best they can in their own practice of finding ways to be more flexible in how we perceive and relate to others. Reflecting back on that moment of picking watermelons in Israel and then living in harmony with shared vocations was a culmination of it all. There was incredible insight into sameness of meeting so many people. Noticing how every job and every person served a purpose in the Kibbutz underscored that for me{ through the sifted soil as a means to merge communities together onto a neutral playing field, that doesn’t separate based on color, religion or race.}

These experiences brought me inwards, and at the same time, to a deeper connection with humanity. When I came home from this journey of a lifetime, my second semester of junior year abroad, I still didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I graduated with a business degree in Marketing and felt challenged by my purpose. One thing I understood for sure was that I wanted to find love and be financially secure no matter what. I worked as a sales assistant in an art gallery to start to tap into the creativeness that was cooped up and channeled inside of me so that one day I could open a service-oriented business fully that wouldn’t be governed by anyone else but the honest, kindhearted fully committed me.

There I stood, long ago, in the grassy brown fields of a sacred land, when my immune system was crashing. The dichotomy of it all was that I felt safe, accepted and committed to a higher source of energetic living by this action-oriented position. I discovered a humanness in the bond of building healthy relationships with lots of different people.

On many levels, the communal service as a whole guided my compass forward with perseverance to breakthrough and set myself free. It has carried me through and continues nowadays. Whether I’m combating internal inflammatory markers and stressors in my body, my outward expression remains peaceful and calm, and propels me to unravel further so I can share my story to let others know you’re not alone.

Take Action, to find Bliss & Clarity...

Marla Sacks Yoga - Prayer Hands

The toxicity of the environment or internal dialogue of self-sabotage and lack of self-worth, I know this route, I feel your aches and pain. No matter the issues we face, each being has their individual uniqueness that’s meant to be of service. You were born to be a vessel of peace in the midst of commotion and emotion. No one can ever take that divine intention away.

As a yogi whispers, I bring silence to my voice and open my ears so that you have my undivided attention. I’m here with a purpose to say I know what it feels like to be crushed with physical and emotional pain. Finding semblance with conscious connections by taking action and making a commitment to set an intention for peace is top priority to be a part of the change for human equality.

I wasn’t always aware of how to fuel my own energy to a fuller extent, and at times I only looked outside myself, to a materialistic world. As I’ve grown spiritually grounded, I now strive to make a difference by helping others relax, lead a simpler, yet enriched, life.

It's an honor to serve from my heart and welcome you into my family.

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