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Friendly Yoga and Meditation Mentor 

Are you rushing out the door without ever stopping to look in the mirror at yourself?

Do you ever have days where you feel like life is passing you by and you are not even enjoying the moments?

Perhaps your relationships are on auto-pilot because you’re too frantic and busy to stop + pay attention?

Imagine giving yourself permission to get to know WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU WANT out of your life?


using your unique hands act as creative extentions from your heart.

Finding ways to put more passion into what you're doing with your hands, be it learning something new or tapping into a form of expression you might already be familiar with such as cooking, painting, writing, lifting, sharing, hiking, climbing, and being of service to others and then noticing how hand gestures act as a creative expression of you

The Magnify Method invites you to release all of your emotions from yesterday and fears for the future by noticing how the polarities of happy and sad each have to exist in order to feel present to what's happening in each moment of the day.

Guiding women to move their body and Mind with freedom  

There's beauty in life and in every being, just like nature's natural wonders of the world.

If you want to experience a brighter, happier life, you can try to see yourself as a mirror reflection of the shining stars by visualizing the splendors and widening your perspective.

Creating a lifestyle that uses breath and conscious awareness to explore the vibrant energies that live inside and ouside of you has the great potential to awaken The Radiant Woman in you!


Taking Action to find joy and grace trhough lifes ups and downs is how a raidiant woman shines

meditate for peace

Letting go of internal dialogue like mindless self-talk and lor ack of self-worth, no matter the issues you face can be liberating. 

You were born to be a vessel of peace, even in the midst of commotion and emotion. No one can ever take your peaceful intentions away. Your individual uniqueness is meant to be of service and shine.

If you're going through a struggle or want to awaken dormant passions within yourself, you can change your focus to:

  • Find balance through conscious connections
  • Take action to move your body
  • Set an intention for peace
  •  Fuel your own energy from within to live a fuller life.

There one was a time when I was lost. I only looked outside myself to a materialistic world for connection guidance.

If you too feel like something is missing, or that your emotions have shut down, perhaps a yoga and meditation Magnify Method practice will help you get back on traack to feeling grounded and more present to the beauty that's around you.

If you strive to make a difference in others lives, all while leading a simpler, yet enriched life, then The Radiant Woman Programs are here for you

Welcome to my family. It's an honor to serve with love from my heart home space to yours.

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