Hi, I'm Marla Sacks A yoga and meditation Mentor

One of my passions is to share the same breath practices and body movements that I use every day to change the chemistry in your brain.  



as an act of


the mind is

Empowerment Mastery

Emotional Awareness Techniques 

Do you want to step into the core essence of you with stamina and confidence?

  • speak your truth 
  • tap into your intuition 
  • let go of past misbeliefs

Energy Awareness Techniques 

  • work to regulate your mood swings
  • manage swirling thought cycles 
  • influences the relationships that surround you with love

In this course, I've compiled content from over 25 years of my exposure to a variety of health and wellness trainings to support you in your pursuit of happiness.

What’s next? How'd you like to bring your intention to fruition?

  • Train your mind to pivot when you feel lost or stuck
  • Communicate a clear message with clients, friends, coworkers, and family.
  • Meet another layer of yourself

Share the gifts of you with conscious clarity. Your hidden passions are ready to be revealed?

Yoga teachers can create a true
professional business.

 Self-discovery, peace and love
are a practice of human spirit.

Obstacles play an integral part of human behavior and nature.

The world needs more peacemakers and this begins with us

My Philosophy...

Throughout the ages, despite conflict, every religion, nation, and people of the world, share the same oneness of ocean breath.

The pure ancient teachings of yoga offer wisdom on how postures, breath, nature, stillness and contemplative study enhance our integral relationships in all aspects of a modern-day life with creativity and peace.

- We are all a Work In Progress -

When you take a look at yourself from the inside out to observe your thoughts, you can reverse the way you’re thinking.It is up to each of us to shift the illusion that happiness relies on the material world.

If you chose to interact with people and the environment through a place that channels integrity, the magnetic force of every opposition turns into love.


Hatha/ Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini; Yoga & Meditation/ PSYCH-K®  
Sat Nam Rasayan® / Reiki Energy - the Ancient art of healing/ 

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