Hi, I'm Marla Sacks A yoga and meditation instructor

I offer new ways on how to stretch your body,
calm down thoughts, or simply relax.
One of my passions is to help new yoga teachers
feel confident and ready to teach.

Hi, I'm Marla Sacks A yoga and meditation instructor

I offer new ways on how to stretch your body, calm down thoughts, or simply relax.
One of my passions is to help new yoga teachers feel confident and ready to teach.

It is Essential that you Sustain your Source of Energy as a Yoga Teacher by the Act of Loving Yourself.

Conscious Connections Course

There’s no time to wait by the sideline looking out for recognition or approval. Do you want to step into your light with confidence?

This original Conscious Connections Course has been created with the newer crop (though not limited to) yoga teachers of all lineages in mind.
Now that you have become a yoga instructor, the need to regulate your mood swings and manage swirling thoughts of your mind is prevalent.

The next practical step in your career as a yoga or meditation influencer is to incorporate everything you have learned thus far and expand upon it with conscious awareness so that you can be neutral in how you move forward to present the teachings.

I have compiled content from over 25 years of my exposure to a variety of health and mindfulness programs to support you in your pursuit of ‘What’s next” now that you are certified as a yoga teacher. Take your passion to the students, friends, coworkers and your family who are waiting for your true passion to be revealed.

Read more details about the Conscious Connections Course here.

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Yoga teachers can create a true
professional business.

 Self-discovery, peace and love
are a practice of human spirit.

Since every obstacle plays an integral part of human nature, it said to be placed in front of us an opportunity for growth.

The world needs more peacemakers and this begins with us

My Philosophy...

Throughout the ages, all religions and people have shared and continue to come together under the same ocean of breath.

It is up to each of us to shift the illusion that happiness relies on the material world.

The pure ancient teachings of yoga offer wisdom on mindfulness through postures, breath, nature, stillness and contemplative study. These tools enhance our integral relationships in all aspects of a modern-day life with creativity and peace.

- We are all a Work In Progress -

When you take a look at yourself from the inside out to observe your thoughts, you can reverse the way you’re thinking.

If you chose to interact with people and the environment through a place that channels integrity, the magnetic force of every opposition turns into love.


Marla is a sincere, intuitive teacher.
Every week she brings new teachings since she is a lifelong learner. I never know what to expect but I always feel better after class than I did when I walked in!

Jackie Cohen

Yoga Enthusiast

I love my Monday evening Yoga Class.  I arrive exhausted & stressed out from work....
only to find Marla's welcoming smile & acceptance. I never feel judged for my flaws or imperfections...only encouraged. Marla has a generous spirit. She always shares a lesson & intention for the class, one I always need to hear. I feel like I am in exactly the right place doing the right thing at the right time.

Alison Giger

Medical Social Worker

Marla is a teacher who inspires all students to bloom our spirits wide open (no matter what season!), and by being in her presence as a student, I have come to learn that anything we pursue in life, whether it's getting through a challenging Kundalini kriya or navigating through obstacles that we come to realize help us grow in further aligning with our higher purpose, we can start blooming right here in the present (no need to hold off!).

Maral Varjabedyan

Certified Yoga Teacher

Marla was my mentor and my guide as I went through my yoga training. As I began this journey...she was and is someone who gives herself to you, guides you and provides reassurances. She is compassionate, gentle and loving. Marla gave me the tools to help me better understand my emotional and spiritual awakenings. She continues to guide me through her love and light- I would recommended Marla as a mentor and a friend.

Swati Shah-Vuh

Occupational Therapist (OTR/L) and Certified Yoga Teacher (200hr)

Marla is a divine gift to yoga teachers who are looking for inspiration and insight on how to be the most effective teacher they can be.  Marla has years of experience in teaching yoga and has been instrumental in guiding other teachers to find not only the power of community but the power of their individual voice.  What a beautiful learning platform Marla has created to support teachers of all yogic traditions and lineages.

Sheryl Edsall

Master Yoga and Ayurveda Practitioner

Marla is a very soulful, supportive, and inspiring yoga and meditation teacher. She truly cares about people and supporting their spiritual journey.  She always goes the extra mile. Marla has graciously given her time to lead meditations as part of my book tour, which has completely enhanced my program. I also find her yoga classes/workshop deeply calming and healing. I definitely recommend her as a teacher and someone who will go above and beyond in supporting your success. 

Raana Zia

Author of Your Hidden Light:  A Personal Guide to Creating Your Desired Life. 

I am blessed to call Marla a teacher and friend.
I remember teaching my first 30-minute flow in teacher training, I was lucky enough to have Marla as my student {teacher assistant}. I was so nervous, her kind and accepting attitude helped me along and still to this day reminds me to love and accept unconditionally!!!

Margie Williams

Yoga Teacher, Lulu-lemon Educator

Marla’s energy and love are like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. No matter how I feel before a class with Marla, I always feel better after!

Terry Erzmoneit

Yoga Teacher

Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Restore with Gentle Yoga & Mindful Meditation Teacher
Sat Nam Rasayan® / Reiki Energy - ancient arts' techniques to relax.

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